Digi’s looking for a new board 2021-2022!

For the next academic year, Digi Juridica is looking for a new board! Are you currently studying for your master’s degree in Law: Internet, Intellectual Property and ICT or International Technology Law, or will you start studying this in September?

And would you like to learn new skills in addition to your studies, and above all, have a great and fun year with four other board members? Then send your CV and motivation letter to info@digijuridica.nl before 30 April! Don’t forget to mention in which two positions you would be interested and why.

Unfortunately, only Dutch students can currently apply for the positions of president, secretary, treasurer and board member external relations. However, international students can apply for the position we introduced this year: board member international, which will be in charge of creating more involvement of the international students.

The board members explain what their position exactly entails below.

President (Sandra Toethuis)

As the (part time, +/- 4 hours a week) president of the association you are the face of the association and the contact person for students, sponsors and companies that are interested in cooperating with Digi Juridica. For that reason, it is important that you are responsible, organized and enthusiastic about talking to a lot of different people. The tasks of the president are mainly the contact with the (potential) sponsors, leading board meetings and supervise the Career Committee. For me, the most fun part was having the freedom to organize the association however we (the other board members and I) wanted to. You are the one who chooses the direction of the association!

So are you excited to give Digi Juridica a great start after COVID? Do you already have a thousand amazing activities and trips in mind? Then please apply to become the next president of Digi Juridica!

Secretary (Heleen van Gorp)

As secretary, you are mainly involved in the membership administration and you have a lot of direct contact with the members. You also make sure that the membership newsletter and the minutes of the general meeting are sent to the members. Besides these administrative tasks, as secretary you will supervise the Activities Committee.

Are you sociable, precise and have good language skills? Then apply for the position of secretary!


Treasurer (Rakeem Strijk)

The treasurer is responsible for the financial affairs of Digi Juridica. You will draw up the budget and oversee the financial policy. As treasurer you will also manage and keep track of all payments and claims. It is therefore important to work accurately and carefully as these financial matters are the foundation of an association. In addition, you will supervise the Study Trip Committee and the Audit Committee. If you’re financially responsible and up for the challenge, apply now!

Board Member External Relations (Carolien van Bakel)

As board member external relations you’re one of the editors in chief of the Dutch news blog ‘TechnologIE, Privacy en Recht’. As a board member you will also be in charge of the marketing of the study association. In addition, you will manage the website and social media, including Instagram and Facebook. This position gives you the space to express all your creativity. Are you creative, independent and proactive? Then the position of board member external relations is perfect for you!


Board Member International

This year we’ve introduced a new position, which will be in charge of creating more involvement of the international students who are studying International Technology Law. You will supervise and help the International Committee with organizing activities and searching for companies that also have internship and job positions for non-Dutch students. In addition, you will think about ways to connect Dutch and International students and make them interact more. And of course you are also free to set up your own activities and come up with whatever great ideas you have. Are you up to a challenge? Apply now!

Are you completely convinced that a place in the board of Digi Juridica is something for you? Then send your CV and motivation to info@digijuridica.nl before 30 April 2021! This can be done in Dutch as well. Don’t forget to mention which two positions you would be interested in and why.

If you still have doubts or questions, don’t hesitate to send us an e-mail!