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The COVID situation continues… But Digi Juridica is doing great!

Since the beginning of January we are proud to say that we have a new sponsor, Considerati. Thank you Ka Wing and Wouter Pieëte for supporting us in these crazy times. We are already looking forward to the (online) activity / company visit!

Besides that, we had a few fun activities the last month. On the 7th of January all our members were invited to an online wine tasting so we could toast on the new year. It was a lot of fun smelling and tasting the wines with sommelier Jasper Smit from Halfes and seeing everyone again after the Christmas break.

After that, on the 14th of January we had an interesting workshop from Annelies Graafland about LinkedIn. She thaught us everything about what to share on your LinkedIn and also what definitely NOT to share on your LinkedIn. It was an informative workshop with a playful twist to it.

In February, Stibbe Talks, an assessment training and a company visit to a law firm are on our schedule!

We are happy that we are still able to organize these kind of fun and informative activities and we will keep doing so!

For any questions regarding cooperating/organizing a workshop, lecture or event with us, you can contact voorzitter@digijuridica.nl.