Bitcoin Brunch

2 October 2019 @ 11:00 13:00

You’ve heard of Bitcoin, but at this point you’re too afraid to ask.

Are you curious to hear about this ongoing social and economical movement? Digi Juridica is partnering with Luno to make sure that all of you future IT Law graduates understand the basics behind Bitcoin and blockchain before stepping in the real world. Join us on Wednesday 2nd of October at 11 am at the VU for a morning lecture followed by a Bitcoin Brunch at Market33. You can sign up by completing this form:

Program & content

11:00 Bitcoin and blockchain 101 at the VU (location will be announced soon)
12:00 Bitcoin Brunch with Luno at Market 33

Get ready:
Sign up by dowloadig the LUNO app
Deposit any amout of money (iDEAL available)
Buy minimum €1 worth of BTC or ETH to redeem a LunoPass with which you can enjoy a free brunch!

Eléonore Blanc
The cryptocurrency industry is made of visionaries and ruthless money makers, the perfect mix for a monetary revolution, and Eléonore is all in. With her background in political science and public management, she could only fall in love with Bitcoin’s disruptive narrative of financial empowerment and economic freedom. Her engagement with the Dutch blockchain community and her experience in the wallet/mining industry at, have allowed her to develop a critical mindset in regards to cryptocurrencies, token- economics and governance models. Thrilled to be part of an ongoing social and financial experiment, she founded CryptoCanal, offering business and marketing consultancy services for the cryptocurrency industry and is currently working with Luno, OKEx and Cyber Capital.

Luno makes it safe and easy to buy, store and learn about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum. As a leading global cryptocurrency company with more than 2 millions customers, operating in 40 countries and a growing team of over 300, their HQ are in London, with regional hubs in Singapore and Cape Town. Luno’s vision? To upgrade the world to a better financial system, by leveraging blockchain technology to make a meaningful and long-term positive impact on all members of our society.   

See you on Wednesday, October 2nd!

Digi Juridica

TechLAWlogy Talk Andrew Murray

TechLAWlogy Talk Andrew Murray

19 September 2019 @ 16:00 17:30

Last year the first collaboration between ITL and Digi Juridica, TechLAWlogy Talk, started as an initiative from Magdalena Jozwiak. Because of the big success, the lecture series will continue this year.

The first Talk will take place on September 19th and will be given by Professor Andrew Murray from the London School of Economics, where he will discuss the topic: “Why Don’t More People Break the Law (Online)?” During this lecture he will attemp to answer the question: “Why do we recognise and comply with laws in a space where identification of law-breakers is time consuming and costly (mitigating enforcement risks) and where mass disobedience is possible?”.  

The Talk will start at 4 PM and will take place at the VU campus in room HG 12A33.

Digi Juridica

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Digi Juridica is looking for committee members

You only can apply for the committee until tomorrow 6 PM!

Are you studing abroad and would you like to make new contacts and be active within our study association? For the International Committe we are looking for enthousiastic members to join our team!
The international committee is the newest committee of our association that will see to more involvement/engagement of the international students in Digi Juridica and all its activities. The committee gets a lot of freedom in the activities that they want to organise. You could think of visits to companies focussed on technology and law, startups, guest lectures or a visit to the EU Examples of activities would be visiting startups/companies focused on technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the Peace Palace or the European Parliament in Brussels.
Are you a driven and motivated international student who, in addition to ensuring better involvement in Digi Juridica, also has the ambition to organize formal and informal ITL-focused activities? Apply for our committee then!
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Board 2019-2020

This week we’ve said goodbye to last year’s board. The Vth board is ready to take over.

We’re looking forward to have a fantastic year!

President: Ge’ez Engidashet Vice president: Tijmen Klein Geltink Secretary: Bloem van ‘t Hoff Treasurer: Daisy Brugman

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