HAPPY NEW YEAR on behalf of the board of Digi Juridica!

Despite a crazy start of our board year, we look back on a great first half of this academic year. Thanks to the creativity and flexible attitude of our committee members, we were still able to organize some fun online activities.

The year started with an interesting online visit to the Benelux Office for Intellectual Property, organized by our intellectual property law lecturer Tomas Westenbroek.

This was followed by two informal pub quizzes organized by our Activities Committee and International Committee. Nice to have a little contact with the other students this way!

The International Committee also organized an interesting lecture on ‘CYBER-WARENESS’, in which the students could learn more about phishing, cyber security, USB hacking and social engineering.

The Career Committee, which was established this year, organized a thesis meeting in collaboration with a number of lecturers, where members were given the necessary tips & tricks for writing a master’s thesis.

Finally, we finished the year with an informative online office visit to Buma/Stemra and the BREIN Foundation, in which our members learned more about the protection of the intellectual property rights of artists and how Buma/Stemra and the BREIN Foundation accomplish this in cooperation. Thanks again to Tim Kuik & Lilian Rozenberg!

In the new year we are going to work hard again to make this period as much fun as possible for our members! We will kick off the new year together by means of an online wine tasting, led by a real sommelier. Several activities are already planned such as a LinkedIn training, online office visits to our sponsors, and much more!

We wish everyone a happy and healthy 2021. For now many thanks to our members, committee members and sponsors for the past year.