Digi Juridica is looking for committee members

You only can apply for the committee until tomorrow 6 PM!

Are you studing abroad and would you like to make new contacts and be active within our study association? For the International Committe we are looking for enthousiastic members to join our team!
The international committee is the newest committee of our association that will see to more involvement/engagement of the international students in Digi Juridica and all its activities. The committee gets a lot of freedom in the activities that they want to organise. You could think of visits to companies focussed on technology and law, startups, guest lectures or a visit to the EU Examples of activities would be visiting startups/companies focused on technology, cryptocurrencies and blockchain, the Peace Palace or the European Parliament in Brussels.
Are you a driven and motivated international student who, in addition to ensuring better involvement in Digi Juridica, also has the ambition to organize formal and informal ITL-focused activities? Apply for our committee then!
If you want to join the committee, just fill in this form.

Board 2019-2020

This week we’ve said goodbye to last year’s board. The Vth board is ready to take over.

We’re looking forward to have a fantastic year!

President: Ge’ez Engidashet Vice president: Tijmen Klein Geltink Secretary: Bloem van ‘t Hoff Treasurer: Daisy Brugman

Welcome to the new website of Digi Juridica

On this website you can see who we are and what events we organize. You can become a member of our association via the button in the top right corner ‘join us‘! Furthermore you can take a look at the websites of our sponsors. Digi Juridica can also be found on our social media channels!