After college drink

Summer Drinks

25 juni 2021 @ 18:00 20:00

Dear Members,

Unfortunately, during the past academic year we have only been able to see each other through a screen. Now that we are slowly going back to normal, there is still a possibility to speak to each other in real life over a beer.

To end the academic year in a festive way, we are organizing a closing ‘borrel’. This will take place on Friday June 25th from 18:00-20:00 at the Westergasterras in Amsterdam!

Would you like to join us? Send an e-mail to before Friday June 18th, 12:00.

See you then!

ZYLAB interactive workshop: Closing the Legal-Tech Bridge

16 juni 2021 @ 16:00

Would you like to see how law and technology merge in practice?

The International Committee is very happy to invite you to our last event of the year before we let you go into the heat of the summer! 

Join Zylab’s interactive workshop: “Closing the Legal-Tech Bridge”! 

This will be a unique opportunity to learn the process of legal fact-finding with eDiscovery, an essential tool of legal big data. 

Our guest speaker Johannes C. Scholtes will help you get closer to being the legal professional of the future! 

This workshop will allow you to understand the importance of using technology within the field of legal big data, as well as an opportunity to interact on the Zylab e-discovery portal. 

Some professional background: Apart from a very important role that he plays at Zylab, Johannes Scholtes is also a Full-Professor Text-Mining at the Data Science / AI department of Maastricht University and  Co-Creator of the Leiden University Legal Technologies Program.

Please keep in mind, that early sign-ups are required so that your e-mail can be granted access to their portal in time for the session! However, as we only have a limited number of spots, please let us know via e-mail in advance if you are unable to attend the event so that we can give the opportunity to someone else.

When: Wednesday 16th June 2021

Time: 16:00

Where: via Zoom

The link for the sign-up sheet can be found below (remember to sign up on time!):

We look forward to seeing you there! 😊


Online Pasta Workshop

10 juni 2021 @ 18:00 19:00

“You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach” is a quote that the board completely agrees with! That’s why we’re organizing an online pasta workshop as one of our last events as being the board of 2020-2021. On Thursday evening 10 June at 18:00 / 6 P.M. you can join this amazing cooking class by an Italian chef and the great thing about it is that you don’t even need to go to the supermarket yourself. If you add your address in the e-mail signing up, you will get the fresh Italian ingredients send to your home. So the only thing you need to do is buy a nice bottle of wine (or beer or soda) and then you’re all set! You can sign up by sending an e-mail including your address to before the end of May.

P.S. There’s a maximum space of 30 people so sign up fast AND make sure you attend if you have signed up. It would be a shame if you don’t show up when other people couldn’t go because the max. amount of people has been reached.

Webinar: Artificial Intelligence for Sustainable Development Goals

3 juni 2021 @ 13:00

The International Committee would like to invite you to our first webinar based on AI and sustainability. This is the perfect opportunity for you to learn how you can use your field of technology and law to contribute to a sustainable future. We are pleased to announce our guest speaker, Ramon Rahangmetan from the Circle of Sustainable Europe (CoSE), who will be leading the session, and is glad to take on any questions within this topic. He is also well versed in career advice if you are curious about your role within sustainable development, advocacy, lobbying, etc.

Some background: AI4SDGs goal is to advance the United Nations sustainable development goals and digital cooperation through AI innovation and partner networks. CoSE’s activities are mainly focused on; advocacy, lobbying, and educating the youth for the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations.

We are glad about your interest and registration for the event! However, as we only have a limited number of spots, please let us know via email in advance if you are unable to attend the event so that we can give the opportunity to someone else.

When: Thursday 3rd June 2021

Time: 13:00 / 1 P.M.

Where: Zoom

The link for the sign-up sheet can be found below (remember to sign up on time so that we may plan accordingly):

We look forward to seeing you there!

Bird & Bird logo

Online Bezoek Bird & Bird

1 juni 2021 @ 15:00 17:00

Op dinsdag 1 juni om 15:00 uur (tot 17:00 uur) zal Digi Juridica samen met studieverenigingen SViR en SvO een online bezoek brengen aan advocatenkantoor Bird & Bird. Bird & Bird is een internationaal kantoor dat aan de absolute top staat van de IT- en IE-advocatuur. 

Tijdens dit online bezoek zal een partner van de sectie TIME gaan vertellen over fake news in tijden van corona. Daarnaast zal er een algemene presentatie worden gegeven over het kantoor.

Dus wil je weten of werken bij Bird & Bird wat voor jou is? Meld je aan via dit formulier: Je ontvangt t.z.t. een link waarmee je toegang krijgt tot de meeting. Tot dan!


Inspire More: FAM x Digi

28 mei 2021 @ 19:00 21:00

When getting ready for your career, sometimes working as hard as you can doesn’t feel like enough. Networking your way through your career and finding the environment that suits you best can be quite challenging. Sometimes you have to create an environment that suits you, establish your own space because you know you deserve to be there. How do you successfully navigate your own path?

FAM and Digi Juridica have worked together to invite some incredible guests to share their story about facing obstacles and overcoming them so that they can inspire you to do the same. Join us on Friday the 28th of May from 19:00 to 21:00 to listen and chat about how work environments can sometimes seem intimidating, yet are worth persevering for. We will touch on topics like sexism, discrimination, impostor syndrome and self-empowerment. We hope that this event will inspire you to overcome any self doubts you might have and to secure the career of your dreams, and maybe someday it will be your turn to inspire students.

Sign up via this Google Forms:

Online Visit Considerati

21 mei 2021 @ 15:30 17:00

Are you not sure yet if you want to become a lawyer or not? Or are you just very interested in the world of consultancy? Come join us to the online company visit at Considerati! Considerati is a consultancy company that offers legal and public affairs advice for the digital world. With their help in compliance, legal advice, data protection and cyber security they help technology and data-driven organizations further their objectives.

Still interested? On Friday the 21st of May at 15:30 you can join us and learn more about Considerati, what they do and what the world of consultancy is like. We will look at an interesting case to experience what consultancy is all about and after, we will have online drinks with some of the consultants from the company!

What do you need? Of course you will need a laptop/computer with a camera and mic, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as your browser and – the most important if you ask us – a beer/wine/snacks for the ‘borrel’ at the end.

Sign up via If you have signed up, but you are not able to join anymore, please let us know!

Note: this activity is open to Dutch and international students as the visit will be held in English. However, Considerati unfortunately has no internship or job opportunities for international students.

Online kantoorbezoek Project Moore

12 mei 2021 @ 16:00 17:30

Op woensdag 12 mei van 16.00 – 17.30 organiseert de Activiteitencommissie een online kantoorbezoek bij het advocatenkantoor Project Moore. Dit kantoorbezoek is de ideale gelegenheid om kennis te maken met het kantoor op het gebied van Privacy en IT-recht. Tijdens het bezoek krijg je alle kans om het kantoor beter te leren kennen en al je vragen te stellen.
Aanmelden kan door een mail te sturen naar:

Online Talk and Q&A: Can’t Track This

11 mei 2021 @ 18:00 20:00

In collaboration with the associations ELSA Amsterdam & SVIR, we are excited to present you with yet another talk and Q&A from an exciting guest!
Our speaker, media and data protection lawyer Stefano Rossetti from NOYB will give a fascinating talk about hidden trackers on your mobile phones. This discussion will include the e-Privacy directive, it’s interaction with the GDPR, ECJ decisions, DPA guidelines as well as the possible real-life implications! Use this as your opportunity to interact with a professional about these recent events and ask all the burning questions you have.

Please sign up here:

We look forward to see you there!

Online kantoorbezoek Nysingh Advocaten & Notarissen

29 april 2021 @ 10:00 12:00

Op donderdag 29 april brengt Digi Juridica een digitaal bezoek aan Nysingh Advocaten & Notarissen. Nysingh is een full-service kantoor. Zij staan organisaties bij die Nederland vormen: de overheid, ondernemingen en verschillende zorg- en onderwijsinstellingen. Dit doen zij door heel Nederland met kantoren in Arnhem, Apeldoorn, Zwolle en Utrecht en met meer dan 100 gespecialiseerde advocaten en notarissen. Ben jij je aan het oriënteren op de arbeidsmarkt en lijkt het je leuk om kennis te maken met de dagelijkse praktijk bij Nysingh? Meld je uiterlijk woensdagavond 28 april aan via

Het kantoorbezoek begint om 10:00 en zal maximaal 2 uurtjes duren. De toegangslink wordt donderdagochtend verstrekt.